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      Collaborative Work Environment (CWE)

BMP created a web-based Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) that effectively adapts to organizational processes and culture. CWE provides users with an Integrated Digital Environment (IDE) to access and process a common set of documents regardless of user location or platform. CWE is a mature, robust system; a single point IDE tool (web, database, windows, and architecture); an ongoing product improvement process with separate test site and beta testing -- where ideas and suggestions fuel new product improvements.

Features of CWE include:

  • Virtual Project Office - A virtual work environment that provides all authorized users with access to standardized applications ensuring compatibility of document formats regardless of the user's location or platform.

  • Collaborative Working Groups - A group or team with exclusive access to a section of the virtual environment. Each group decides who has permission to view its contents.

  • File Upload - Enables users to upload and manage files in real time. All users are immediately notified via e-mail of new files added to their area.

  • List Users - Listing of users (program/working group) that includes name, title, contact information, e-mail addresses, etc.

  • Global Calendar - Provides users with upcoming event information at the program or working group level.

  • What's New - Automatically informs users of new files, messages, and calendar events that have been added since they last logged into the system.

  • 24-Hour Help Desk - Continual round-the-clock assistance for users.