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     On-site Survey

The BMP Program is continually searching for Best Practices from organizations that would like to showcase what they do well. Any United States and Canadian organizations can host an on-site survey if they have Best Practices to share and want the benefits of a survey - benchmarking, feedback, recommendations, recognition, visibility, and the BMP Award for Excellence all at no charge to their organization.

In-depth, voluntary, on-site Surveys are the heart of the BMP Program. Through its Surveys, BMP identifies and documents Best Practices in industry, government, and academia; facilitates the sharing of information through technology transfer efforts; and helps strengthen the global competitiveness of the U.S. industrial base. BMP publishes the documented practices following review and approval by the hosting organization. The Survey Reports are distributed electronically on the BMP Web site and in hardcopy throughout the U.S. and Canada. The actual exchange of detailed data is between organizations at their discretion.

On-site Surveys are not audits but an opportunity for an organization to showcase its Best Practices and have them assessed by an independent team of experts. On-site Surveys provide participating organizations valuable benchmarking information as well as a greater visibility of their organization throughout the country. The overall Survey process consists of the Survey Request, a presurvey visit and the Survey, and the Survey Report Publication and sharing of Best Practices.

The structure of the on-site Survey as well as the published report is based on six technical areas (design, test, production, facilities, logistics, management) that are highlighted in the Department of Defense's 4245.7-M, Transition From Development to Production manual.

If you are interested in hosting an on-site Survey, submit a Survey Request Letter (sample below) or contact the BMP Center of Excellence at 800-760-5911.